Sports Development Funding

Trent Vale receives £17,000 per year to improve provision for PE in sport within the school. This money is from the Departments for Education, Health and Culture, Media and Sport and has been ‘ring-fenced’ which means it can only be spent on sport provision and not on any other areas in the school. At Trent Vale we strongly believe that if children can be engaged in sport at an early age that this engagement can last a lifetime. Sport encourages our young children to choose a healthy, athletic lifestyle and at this age we can provide the children with lots of opportunities to try a variety of sports.

We can use this money to:

  • Hire specialist P.E. teachers/qualified sports coaches to work alongside primary teachers when teaching P.E.
  • Provide new or additional Change4Life sports clubs
  • Pay for professional development opportunities
  • Pay for cover to release teachers for development
  • Run sports competitions
  • Buy schemes of work/development modules or materials for P.E./sport
  • Provide places for pupils at an afterschool club and/or holiday club

From September 2014 the money has been spent on:-

  • Continuing professional development for all staff on the new PE scheme and other aspects of PE teaching in school
  • Coaches and trainers from a variety of sports club to give the children the opportunity to experience a range of different sports.
  • Forest Schools for EYFS pupils
  • Participation in the Chilwell Dance Festival


As a result of these initiatives we are seeing an increase in pupils’ interest in different sports and in pupil participation rates in sports outside of school.

Additionally the Sports Development Funding has been targeted at pupils for whom we receive Pupil Premium funding. This is to ensure that our most disadvantaged children are able to access out of school activities to broaden and deepen their overall development. This follows feedback we received from both the children for whom we receive Pupil Premium funding and their parents.

Sports Development Funding Spending and Impact


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