Leadership Team

Mrs Barratt
Headteacher; SENCo; Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead;  Mathematics Subject Leader

Mrs Turner
Headteacher of Beeston Rylands Junior School; Designated Safeguarding Lead

Teaching Staff

Miss Gough
Assessment Coordinator; History, Geography, Computing and RE Subject Leader. ECT mentor

Maple class teacher ( Year2)

Miss May
Early reading and Phonics Lead, English Subject Leader

Cedar class teacher ( Year 1)

Mrs Welbourn
PE, Art and Design Subject Leader

Acorn (Nursery) class teacher

Miss Chong
Science Subject Leader

Holly Class Teacher  (Year1)

Ms  Jones
RSE and Music Subject Leader

Mrs Robinson

Lilac  class teacher ( F2 )

Miss  Maltby

Elm Class teacher ( Year2)

Mrs Mason

   Outside Learning Leader

Beech Class teacher (F2)

Mrs Osborne

 Federation Deputy; Assessment Overview for the Federation;  Pupil Premium Co-ordinator; Based at Beeston Rylands Junior School

Teaching Assistant Posts

Mrs  Walker

TA in Acorns (nursery)

Ms Smith

Mrs Naylor

Ms Thorneloe
(Mrs Keen)

Mrs Harrison

Miss Elliott

Mrs Price

Mrs  Abbott

Miss Featherstone

Mrs  Taylor

Administrative Staff

Mrs Pautrat

Mrs  Kaye
Office Manager

Midday Supervisors

Mrs  Wesley

Mrs Harrison
Senior Midday Supervisor

Mrs Ball

Mrs  Kiddier

Mrs Taylor

Ms Squire

Miss  Featherstone

Miss  Elliott

Mrs Belton

Staff who keep our school clean and safe

Mrs Astill

Mr Denning

Mrs Hutchinson

Kitchen Staff

Mrs  Matts

Andrea Mills