Special Educational Needs

We believe that all children are of equal value and that we have the responsibility to make high quality, balanced provision for all pupils to help them reach their full potential as learners. We recognise that children with special educational needs have the right and entitlement to be fully included in the life of the school. We understand that at any time a child may experience a difficulty in an area of learning that must be addressed. Our provision for children with special educational needs has included children with ASD, Downs Syndrome, Developmental Delay, Moderate and Specific Learning Difficulties, Visual Impairment and a range of Physical Disabilities.

For most of the time children work in their own classrooms where their teacher plans a balanced programme to meet the needs of every child, whatever their ability or learning style. If there are children with particular needs all reasonable steps are taken to accommodate these and parents are involved. After consultation with parents we would involve any outside agency which might benefit individual children including Speech Therapists, Language Services, Educational Psychologists and various other medical and early years’ specialists. Mrs Barnett, our Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator, (SENCo), has responsibility for the organisation of additional needs and she works closely with parents, teaching assistants and outside agencies to ensure that every child has access to the extra support that is available to them.

The Governing Body and the staff at Rylands have formulated an appropriate Special Educational Needs policy. This policy states how we fulfil our statutory duties for children with special educational needs

Download our Special Educational Needs Policy

The school adheres to the Special Needs Code of Practice and ensures that procedures are in place so that children with SEN are offered full access to a broad, balanced and relevant education at the school. Our Local Offer Response gives more information about the support we offer for children with special educational needs.

Visit the Nottinghamshire SEND to our Local Offer website for our Local Offer Response

Download our Schools Extended Local Offer Response

Contact Mrs Barnett the school SENCO for further details: office@rylands.notts.sch.uk