The Trent-Rylands Way

Every individual who is part of the Trent-Rylands Federation is valued for who they are and what they contribute to school. Our values and vision are integral to our schools and are intended to support the personal, social and spiritual development of every pupil throughout their time with us.

The whole staff team, pupils, parents and governors are involved in promoting these values and vision along with recognising those who are ‘living examples’ of these values.

We believe that values in education have a crucial role because they play a vital part in raising achievements and encouraging children to be emotionally intelligent, articulate learners. Values support quality teaching and learning whilst making a positive contribution to the development of a fair, just and civil society. These values are central to the vision we have for our school community.

Our Vision Statement

The Trent-Rylands Federation vision is to provide the best start in life for our children through inclusive and engaging education, which is rooted in our local community, and develops character, well-being and a love of learning. The two schools in the federation benefit from a shared ethos and approach, which allows for a ‘whole school’ learning journey and excellent educational outcomes.

We have three core drivers that underpin our vision, values and curriculum – Possibilities, Responsibility and Community.


  • Teachers and parents need to have high aspirations for the children. Children need to feel confident and have high aspirations for themselves. They need to believe that anything is possible. To do this they have to have a good understanding of what is beyond school and develop a solid work ethic in order to get there. Informing children of the possible job roles, vocations and opportunities in society and the path they need to take to fulfill these ambitions is an integral part of school life. Small steps lead to bigger strides towards reaching goals.


  • We strive for children to have a strong sense of themselves and to understand what is right and wrong and why. We help children to relate to and help others: acting on somebody else’s behalf if they need it. Alongside this we believe that children should have a strong sense of responsibility and duty to the world in which they live and to protect, sustain and future proof our environment. Even the smallest act can make a difference.


  • The local unique environment and the deep sense of local community plays an important role in the life a child at TRF and is the bedrock to family and school life. We want children to understand the history of the community, and also appreciate the rich cultural diversity within it today. We strive for all children to have a strong sense of pride in their locality and the people within it. We enjoy giving back to our community and aim for our children to be able to contribute positively to their local area. By being part of and contributing to a strong local community children will develop into positive citizens within the global community as they grow in to adults.

Through these drivers we explore the following values that are key to developing our pupils as positive citizens who care about others and the world around them.

Cooperation                Friendship

Determination            Integrity

Compassion                Thoughtfulness

Pride                             Sustainability

Respect                        Patience

Acceptance                 Forgiveness

Through these values we encourage children to keep to the Trent-Rylands Way and to follow our school rules.