The intent of the geography curriculum is that our children will have a deep understanding of their local environment and the diverse surroundings in the wider world, with appreciation to human and physical characteristics. We start by exploring our locality the opening the wider world up our children by looking at the characteristics of our nation, then continent and the wider world.

We what children you explore our locality using fieldwork and use this a basis of other contrasting environments and settlements.

As well as teaching geographical locational knowledge, we want to nurture a curiosity and fascination with our students of the wider world and how human and physical forces interact. It is vital that our children are aware of how human activity impacts our planet in both a positive and negative way.


The content of the National Curriculum is taught over two year cycles across both settings. Geography is integrated into the whole school curriculum framework to ensure consistency and progression across both schools. A high-quality geography education will help pupils gain a coherent knowledge of the physical and human features of the world starting with our local environment. Progression across both settings ensures that prior knowledge in built upon. Consequently children gain greater understanding of both place and locational knowledge of their locality, their country and the world. Using the local environment, children also develop their field work skills and with increasing independence and skill to collect, record and analyse geographical data. Geography lessons focus upon teaching skills through content and each session is required to have a skills focus.


Our Geography curriculum is high quality and planned to demonstrate clear progression. Children will develop the geographical knowledge and skills to enable them to explore, navigate and understand the world around them. We want children to have a good understanding of their local environment and the diverse surroundings in the wider world.