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Maple And Elm Parent Information Letter Autumn 2 2023


Maple and Elm class have enjoyed learning about Autumn and writing their own poems about Autumn. We learnt about the history behind The Gunpowder Plot and created a collage poppy as a class.

We have started to read our book for this half term ‘Franklin and Luna go to the Moon.’ The children are enjoying learning about the adventures they went on. We have been learning about related facts in maths. If I know 3 + 4 = 7, then I know 30 + 40 = 70. We have also used our knowledge of number bonds to help with bonds to 100 and learnt about fact families to 20. We are now starting to looking at addition and subtraction.

In Art we have looked at the artist Van Gogh and will be focusing our painting this half term on his ‘Starry Night’ painting. We have looked at the moon landing and watched a video clip of when Neil Armstrong first stepped on the moon. W


Maple and Elm class enjoyed the Stomp workshop. We listened to a drum and moved our body to the beat. We had to use our hands to clap and our feet to do lots of stomping! We then worked in groups to make our our routine which we performed to the rest of the school. We had a fantastic time!


Maple and Elm joined in with a tennis workshop this week. We developed lots of our tennis skills. We practiced balancing the ball on our rackets by moving slowly and keeping our eye on the ball. We also practiced racket control by bouncing the ball on the floor with our rackets. It was so much fun and everyone improved their tennis skills!


We have finished reading our book ‘Toys in Space’ and the children really enjoyed the ending when Hoctopize was reunited with his missing toy ‘Cuddles.’ We have continued to learn about place value in maths; looking at expanding the number into an equation, looking at numbers on a number line and estimating what the number might be. We have explored materials in Science and talked about the suitability of materials for different purposes. In history we have continued to look at toys from the past and comparing them to today and how this has changed over time. In computing we have used purple mash to learn about emails and what we can add to them such as pictures.


Maple and Elm class enjoyed their first Forest School session of the year. They enjoyed being out in the rain den building, making potions and working with clay. We have begun to look at our book ‘Toys in Space’ and the children thought carefully about what the characters might have seen for the first time after being left outside. We have been working on understand the value of numbers and how to partition them. We have also looked at timelines in history and what toys we play with today.

What a great start to the year! Maple and Elm children have settled back into school really well and have enjoyed their first week.

Please find a letter about reading at home below.

Reading Books At Home Letter Year 2 Sept 23